Sweet Success!

My Candy Crush cake had to be two different flavors.  Being new to the business of cake art, I am not equipped with fancy gadgets that make things easier.  I have to get creative in all aspects, not just decorating.  So, here is how to make a cake separator with items you already have around.


I cut a strip from a cake board that fit perfectly into the 12 inch pan I was using.  I wrapped it in wax paper and used some tape to hold it in place.  I filled each side with the flavor requested.  I then removed the separator and the cake mixes stayed in place.


I repeated this step again to get the second layer!


I put a lot of time into trying to find the right candies to use on my cake.  My husband even got involved and offered to check some stores for me.  In the end, I made them from fondant.  I couldn’t get the candies to match up in size.  I found online that you can actually purchase Candy Crush Candy!  Next time I may try that!

Here is the link!  And also on Amazon!



I love when a client gives me free rein on their cake.  They tell me, “Just see what you can come up with”  and immediately my mind starts racing.  I have seldom created the same cake twice so each order is unique and different.  This makes my job exciting and challenging.   I crave the create-ability! I grab the pencil and clean paper and let my imagination flow! I create one sketch and send it to my client.  Once they have responded I can make changes if needed or create a whole other sketch. Luckily, this hasn’t happened before.

SCAN0059 - Copy

I read some good advice when I was starting out “Never design anything you would not be able to create”.  Common sense right?  Well, it is something I have to keep in mind while designing because although I want every cake to be a new challenge and earn more experience, I also want to be realistic and follow through.  So every design I make I am confident I can create before I send it to my client.  I’ve already built each layer, covered it with fondant,created the decorations…in my head.  And even though I haven’t created it before, I know I will be able to.

SCAN0060 - Copy

I had an idea for a family tree cake come to me one evening while I was driving home from my day job.  I thought about it a few more times that evening but never put it on paper.  The idea kept coming up over the next few days until I finally sat down and sketched it.

When you allow yourself to be creative the inspiration will flow!

It’s just a cake…No it’s not!

This is something you may have heard.  When a couple gets married there is always a picture of the bride and groom cutting the wedding cake.  When people go to a wedding what do they talk about?  The dress and the cake!  The cake is always the centerpiece at a wedding, birthday party or special event.


Custom cakes are not just cakes.  They are works of art that are central to the celebration.  Also, from the business aspect, your cakes are not just cake you throw in the oven and hope it comes out right.  Your cakes are tried and true recipes, icing, cake boards, dowels, fondant, decorating tools, days of work preparing decorations, planning, sketching, designing, and working with the client, then you deliver the cake and make sure it is perfect before walking away.


Those that compare your cakes to those at grocery stores do not understand that  those cakes were flash frozen months ago and then decorated as fast as possible with buckets of pre made icing.  Grocery stores have cakes, you provide a lasting memory, a conversation piece and a work of art!

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