It’s just a cake…No it’s not!

This is something you may have heard.  When a couple gets married there is always a picture of the bride and groom cutting the wedding cake.  When people go to a wedding what do they talk about?  The dress and the cake!  The cake is always the centerpiece at a wedding, birthday party or special event.


Custom cakes are not just cakes.  They are works of art that are central to the celebration.  Also, from the business aspect, your cakes are not just cake you throw in the oven and hope it comes out right.  Your cakes are tried and true recipes, icing, cake boards, dowels, fondant, decorating tools, days of work preparing decorations, planning, sketching, designing, and working with the client, then you deliver the cake and make sure it is perfect before walking away.


Those that compare your cakes to those at grocery stores do not understand that  those cakes were flash frozen months ago and then decorated as fast as possible with buckets of pre made icing.  Grocery stores have cakes, you provide a lasting memory, a conversation piece and a work of art!


Halloween spirit!

I love this time of year!  Our decorations are up.  Going to carve the pumpkin tomorrow.  And I can’t wait to get some photos outside with the beautiful colors of the leaves!  Here are a couple of my Halloween cakes!  I have another one to add-on Monday that I cannot show yet.  Everything is edible!





Drawing again!

1236871_1441588666067136_2008646949_nOne of the great benefits of Nay’s Kitchen is that I am drawing again.  I had no idea how much I missed it.  A gun cake was requested for a surprise birthday.  Although I had never attempted to create one before,  I felt I could accept the challenge. This was the design I came up with and it was approved.  I created a 10 inch cake.  With a knife, I began cutting.  I decided to form the trigger and finger grip separate.  Looking back, next time I will take the risk and keep it all one piece.  Once I had the gun carved out I carefully cut the cake in two layers.  I added my icing and then put the cake back together again. Camouflage was requested and so I covered the gun in the marshmallow fondant I had made.  I decided to carve out the trigger and finger grip in one piece with the cake I had left over.  Covering the trigger and finger grip with fondant was a little time-consuming but I finally got it together and attached it to the gun with icing.  The grip on the handle was made with marshmallow  fondant and I used the tip of a knife to create the holes.  The bullets are fondant as well as the site on top.

Here is the finished cake!


Sugar Spice & Everything Nice



That’s what little girls are made of!  I had the best time creating this baby shower cake!  I had never made this one before but was ready for the challenge.  I decided to make each section separately and then place them all together once complete.  The baby’s bottom was a ball of marshmallow fondant with the sides slightly indented for the legs to fit into.  You could also mold Rice Krispies for the bottom and then cover in fondant.  The legs and feet and also toes were formed by hand separately and then joined together with a dab of water using a paint brush. ??????????


In order to get the flesh color for the baby’s legs, feet and toes, I used the smallest amount of Wilton’s brown icing color to my fondant until I got the desired color.  I was really pleased with the baby blanket!  Because I do not have any fancy tools or molds, I have to get creative.  I colored my fondant using Wilton’s pink icing and then rolled it out.  Using a knife, I made the criss -cross pattern covering the entire blanket.  Then, I used a fork to make the holes to give it a kind of quilt look.  One of my favorite cakes!

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